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All Season Tree Service | All Season Tree Service

Advanced Arborcare is fully Licensed & Insured with WCB Coverage, first aid training, and the equipment and expertise to take care of all your needs.

tree removal

Specializing in safe and efficient tree removal services, we offer reliable solutions for any size or type of tree on your property. With our experienced team and advanced equipment, we guarantee prompt and affordable removal, leaving you with a clean and hazard-free environment you can trust. Excess debris associated with our services is always removed, leaving your area clean.


Our staff are trained to work safely and efficiently in all tree removals and provide thorough clean up of debris to keep your property clean and to not impact other vegetation.

Tree removals are performed to eliminate dead and dying trees and can be useful to remove competition and encourage the good health of remaining trees and vegetation or to make room for landscaping or new construction.


Due to weather, age, or health, trees may have to be removed in confined spaces near houses, utility lines, and other sensitive areas.

Advanced Arborcare has the equipment and expertise to take care of the most hazardous and challenging situations quickly and safely.


Advanced Arborcare provides stump grinding services for your existing stumps or an option as part of our regular tree removal process.

During tree removal, the stump will typically be left as close to the ground as possible but may be necessary to remove it if the stump is a hazard or simply an eyesore.

Stumps are ground to below-ground surface level, with wood chips cleaned and removed, making new landscaping or structures possible in the free area.


Proper tree trimming and tree pruning of overgrown trees or diseased branches is important to your tree’s health, stimulating growth and keeping a natural look. Incorrect trimming can damage trees and affect their growth and long-term appearance.

Our certified Arborists will properly trim and prune your trees, keeping them healthy and looking good for years to come. Trimmed branches and debris are always removed from your site to complete the job.


Proper planning of tree planting will ensure a healthy tree for life. If a tree is not well suited for a site, it may become stressed, predisposing it to other problems. Our Arborists can provide assistance or advice when picking a site or ideal tree species for your location.


Are existing trees suddenly looking shabby for no apparent reason? Do you suspect trees have become infested with disease or pests that may require tree pruning, treatment, or entire tree removal to minimize damage to other healthy trees? Call us today to schedule a consultation from one of our qualified Arborists.


Are you looking to develop a well-treed lot or acreage? We work with developers, landowners, and residents to clear large areas of land for development.

tree chipping

We offer Branch chipping and/or brush chipping as part of our regular tree removal services, tree pruning services, or exclusively on it’s own to take care of your existing branch debris. Branch chipping and/or brush chipping is included in the cost of all of our tree services quotes. Excess debris associated with our services are always removed, leaving your area clean.